Kansas City Party Buses has an incredible fleet of vehicles that can accommodate as few as 16 passengers or as many as 35! Depending on your needs, you may require one of our smaller buses, or even with a smaller number of passengers you may want to take advantage of one of the larger vehicles simply to have more space. For truly large events, some people rent more than one bus. The options are really quite unlimited, and we can customize any trip to suit your needs in ways that other party bus companies will not. Special décor and red carpet service for weddings is just one example of this.

Each of our buses is equipped with at least one flat screen HD television that's at least 32 inches in size, sometimes as large as 50 inches, and sometimes multiple TVs per bus! These televisions have content displayed on them courtesy of the DVD player that's in each bus, or via the HD antenna which is capable of pulling in live television broadcasts whenever the bus is parked. Your entertainment is just as much our concern as is your safety, so you know that we go to great lengths to give you the highest quality entertainment features that we can.

For the music lovers, we have put in time and money to find and install the very best sound systems available. They range from 1400 to 3500 watts, and the high quality speakers pump out your favorite tunes just the way they were meant to be heard! You can either bring a sizeable stack of your favorite CDs with you (and perhaps invite your guests to do the same!), or just bring your iPod. Those who love to dance will take advantage of our wonderful wood floors (just like a dance floor at a club!) or perhaps even our dance poles or stripper poles! It's the best time you can possibly have in a bus.

When you're not partying, you will want to kick back and relax with a drink on our luxurious leather seats. There are built-in cup holders to prevent any messy spills, and speaking of drinks, you'll be able to mix your favorite cocktail concoctions at our built-in bars! You just bring your favorite alcohol and juices, or perhaps wine or champagne, and we will provide both ice and cups for you. Out of further concern for your privacy, we have dark tinted windows, so you can party without worrying about nosy "neighbors" in the next lane of traffic!

At the end of the day, we truly believe that our buses are the very best in Kansas City. We've put so many hours into upgrading and maintaining these buses, and acquiring the best buses the moment that they're available on the market. We love for our customers to enjoy their experience on the road, so every bit of our attention goes into creating the perfect trip for you. When you're ready to begin the planning process, you can contact us here, or continue on our site!