The pricing for party bus rental from Kansas City Party Bus changes from day to day due to the ups and downs of fuel prices today, and also due to certain times of the week and of the year being in more or less demand than other times. Because of this, we're currently unable to provide exact prices on our website, but would be more than happy to give you an exact quote for any desired dates over the telephone or via email.

Though we can't provide exact prices here on the site, we would like to share with you a bit of information about saving money during the booking process as well as how far ahead of time you should book your bus!

Tips to Save Money When Booking a Party Bus

Tip #1: Book your bus on a weekday whenever possible (excluding Friday).

It's not such a substantial price difference that you should bend yourself out of shape trying to reschedule your event, but if you are able to hold your event on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, you can save yourself some cash and put it towards other things for your party, or perhaps towards stocking the bar on our bus for your guests! We're able to rent the bus to you at a lower rate on these days because there is less traffic and less time spent finding a parking spot for the bus, and therefore less fuel is used. We are also much less in demand during the week.

Tip #2: Call to ask about group discounts.

Sometimes bars and restaurants will give you a group discount when you bring in a certain number of people. Our buses hold anywhere from 16 to 35 people. It's worthwhile to make a quick call to the places that you plan to visit and ask if they will give you a discount for bringing in such a large group. Some business owners will be thrilled to do it, and others will simply say no. But it's always worth a shot!

Tip #3: Try to call at least two weeks in advance.

This one may not appear to save you money, but if you should call us at the last minute and we're all booked, you'll have to travel with another party bus company, and we have found that our prices are lower than most other companies in the area! We absolutely do our best to accommodate last minute bookings, but it's in your best interest to try to book at least two weeks in advance. Having your choice of all of our buses before they are booked is also a great benefit!

It's our hope that these tips will help you to save some money when renting a party bus from us. We know that in today's economy, everyone is trying to save a dollar wherever they can, even as they're partying and having a wonderful time! We are one of the few businesses that can help you to do just that without you ever feeling the pinch of a smaller budget! Our buses are so luxurious, you'll feel like you're the king or queen of the road. We look forward to you giving us a call to discuss all your travel options and exact pricing.