Frequently Asked Questions

Q: "Is it a big deal if we keep the bus longer than we mean to?"

A: Some party bus companies will tack on ridiculous fees for this, but we won't. We simply continue to charge you at the same hourly rate that we agreed to during booking, billed in fifteen-minute chunks of time so that you're never charged for more time than you actually used. There are no unpleasant surprises when you receive your bill. We promise.

Q: "What are your hours?" -or- "What times of the year are your buses not available?"

A: The simple answer to this questions is that we never close. Our buses are available all year round, all month, all week, all day, all night. Period. The only times that our buses are not available are if they happen to already be booked! So we do recommend calling at least two weeks in advance whenever possible. Other than that, there are no limitations.

Q: "Can we cancel our reservation?"

A: You cannot cancel the reservation once you have place the down deposit or paid in full. You cannot change the date of your reservation either. If available, you might be able to upgrade/downgrade your vehicle or change the time earlier/later.

Q: "Can people smoke on your bus?"

A: We're sorry, but we do not allow smoking on any of our buses. Our high quality furnishings would be compromised by the cigarette smoke. We appreciate your adherence to our non-smoking policy, as do our non-smoking passengers! And we are sorry for the inconvenience.

Q: "Can people drink on your bus?"

A: Not only is drinking allowed on the bus, but it's also one of the very best reasons to rent a party bus! In fact, that's why we call it a party bus. ;-) We are not allowed by law to provide you with alcohol however, so you will have to supply your own. We do stock our luxurious built-in bars with ice and cups for you though.

Q: "Is Kansas City Party Bus insured?"

A: We are absolutely insured to the fullest. Our first concern is always your safety and protection on the road. Our professional chauffeurs go through really intense tests before we'll even consider hiring them, from background checks and driving record checks to drug tests and driving tests. All of our licenses and permits are kept current as well. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to protecting our passengers.

Q: "Do you service the entire Kansas City metropolitan area?"

A: Yes we do. You can view our complete service area page right here, or give us a call for more information. Our number is at the top of every page on this site.

We hope that we've answered all your questions here, but if not, feel free to give us a call or email us for further information.